For reference, the agreements at the AGM and at previous meetings follow:


The Annual General Meeting of The Bristol Centre was held on Wednesday 29th March 2017 and the following Committee Membership was proposed and agreed.

Sue Chambers is standing down as Chairman and was re-elected as a committee member.

Raymond Day was elected as Chairman. 

Judy Reynolds, who had reached the end of her term was re-elected. Helen Windsor was elected to the committee. All other members are as last year. 

Donations to Projects:

The Committee recommended and agreed allocation of funds for 2017/8 is to the following projects:

Dyrham:   Clock repairs £1,200

Lacock:   Wooden bench   £700

Tyntesfield:  Two oak benches   £1,000

Killerton:  Refurbishment of windows & roof slates £4,600

Greenway:   Conservation of boathouse       £2,500

Discretional:            £2,000

       Total       £12,000


As agreed at the AGM on Wednesday 16th March 2016, the members of the committee are as follows:

President: Alison Ranken
Chairman: Sue Chambers
Vice-Chairman: Colin Bayne-Jardine
Treasurer: Ann Jones
Membership Secretary Janet Stanton
Secretary: Heather Denny
Chair, Visits & Social sub-committee: Alison Ranken 
Chair, Talks sub-committee:  David Moore
Newsletter Editor: Rosemary Booker &
Raymond Day
Web-site Editor: John Butler
Members: Valerie Barnard
Margaret Baxter
Judy Reynolds John Grenfell



For reference, below are details of what we have given in some earlier years:

In 2015 we donated a total of £5000 to the following projects:
Clevedon Court: repairs to Nailsea glass £1000
Chedworth Roman Villa:  new model of the villa £1000
Newark Park:  replace fencing by lakeside garden £1000
Dyrham:  roof/C17 lighting £1000
Prior Park:  NVQ placement £1000

In 2014 we donated a total of £10,000 for the following projects:

Dyrham Roof £5000
Clevedon Court Curtains (£500), benches (£500) £1000
Failand Kissing gates £1000
Lacock Replacement stair lift £1000
Neptune Campaign National coastline appeal £1000
Quarry Bank National "Upper Gardens" appeal £1000

In 2013 we gave the following - 

Tyntesfield - £1000 for a new orchard
£1000 for benches in the Paradise arboretum
£1000 for a permanent orienteering course
Dyrham -  £1000 towards restoration of the West Terrace
£1000 for citrus trees in the Orangery
£350 towards fleeces for the guides
£650 to dismantle and clean the chandelier in the Drawing Room

Bill Morris's area - £500 for the Interpretation Board at Cadbury Camp
£500 towards a training course for volunteers

Stourhead - £1000 towards conservation work especially in the Regency library

Laycock -  £1000 for two oak benches.


The following photographs show some of the visits by, and projects supported by the Bristol Centre:

(pictures by Brian Edwards)

Visit to Jane Austen's house, 2018

Canal Boat trip

Greenway Boat House external and internal refurbishment


pictures by J Butler

Killerton roof repairs

pictures kindly provided by the National Trust Killerton

Example of Clevedon Court glass after repair

picture by J Butler

Bench at Laycock

Picture kindly provided by the National Trust, Laycock

Committee visit to Tyntesfield


picture by David Moore

Pictures of earlier activities (1980s & 1990s} by members of the Bristol Centre

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